The Periphery

by Distoria

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released October 15, 2013

Tim Lykins | Drums, Percussion, Alesis® Controlpad
Helena Martin | Vocals, Piano, Keyboards, Novation® Launch Pad
Mor Mezrich | Bass, Sound Design, MIDI Controllers, Ableton® Live

All songs written by Helena Martin
Produced by Distoria

Recorded and Mixed by Mor Mezrich
at Flux Studios, The Buddy Project, Ears and Gears Recording, and IDC Sound.
Assistant Engineer at Flux | Dan Cherouny

Mastered by Roman Vail at Joe Lambert Mastering

Cover photo © Alan Friedman |

For publishing rights and to contact management, please email or visit

Executive Producers:
Nick Tyler, Ruth Martin, Bill Held Jr, Jonna Christine Held

Special thanks to:
Ryan Fagman at IDC Sound | Kieran Kelly at The Buddy Project | Daniel Sanint, Hakim Callier, Fabrice "Fab" Dupont, and the crew at Flux Studios | Jessica Ostroff | Our amazing 59 Kickstarter backers | Our endlessly supportive fans!



all rights reserved


Distoria Queens, New York

Distoria plays melodic pop rock, with piano and drums tightly enmeshed and a driving bass line.

For all requests, please management: mgmt [at] distoriamusic [dot] com

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Track Name: Behind Red Doors
hugging the pillow, wrestling with sleep
spent all day getting rained on in the street
I clunk out a melody from so long ago
the world has kept spinning, I have yet to be free

spent so much time looking in the wrong direction
but you're here

I am not the person who wrote this song
she left, or died, or wasn't here all along
five years later, I find out you loved me
and all this time, I had thought I was wrong

spent so much time looking in the wrong direction
but you're here

this enjoyable burden in such close proximity
can't take it anymore, man, fuck your disease
these nights I'm so tired, don't want to descend to sleep
to lose control of my thoughts to the land of dreams

you're here

spent so much time looking in the wrong direction
but you're here
Track Name: 23
the next time you see me
I'll be making the rules, I'm not scared of you
you can't own me
but I can want you to

left together once again
it's the deadly sign, afraid of what I'll find
go ahead and make your choice
before I change my mind

all I can do to stop thinking of you

well I can close my eyes, and I can hold my breath
you're looking right back at me, and it's not gonna end, no
bow down to the fact that I know that you want
what you say that you mean
but you don't
I can see it in your eyes, I can see behind your lies
that you want me to(o)

I know it can't be the same, but
I think we've got other people to blame, but
I can't see me, you just breathe me
and I'll disappear

just another night where you're
singing me love songs to apocalypses past, well
I'd turn inside out for you
but you don't even ask

when we fall asleep,
you hold me like you expect me to run from my sin
peeling off the clothes won't help
the smoke is in my skin

all I can do to stop thinking of you



all I can do to stop thinking of you


Track Name: Challenge the Sun
lay back down at the edge of the room
he says, "I might as well be dead already," so why not try?
so I said what he said I said he said
he looked tire and old but gawky and empty

what did he do to deserve immortality?
why can't I fly?
driving home in the darkest night with stars blanketing over
but where is he going?

challenge the sun
the way they challenge everything
and why can't you look at me the way I look at you?
and why don't you see me when I'm red-rimmed and drowning?
I'll challenge the sun,
I'll challenge you

something about reality
something about progression; live alive, die young
talking to himself as he drives forever,
not seeing through the rain, but trying

whoever said love is a slow form of suicide
never fell this fast
something about reality struck him as it fell from heaven
and he smiled


lay back down on the edge of the room
he says, "I might as well be dead already, but I can't try"
I tried to get through with tears and screaming
but he kept on pushing back, so I'm crying

he checks my eyes one last time
looking for some reason as to not believe
but he doesn't find a way, and as a slave to air,
he takes a deep breath and he says
that he can't care for me

Track Name: Hundred Year Storm
with our fists as planets,
we act out the sky
days disappear in front of me
is this what it means to be alive?

on and on
a controlled fall
and you don't get to die when you're done

'cause it'll start over when you think it's over

once you get down to it,
we let it take us away
surrender is beautiful, not painless
at the end of the day



I welcome the darkness
I welcome the end
and you can run,
but you don't get to die when you're done
try it, fake it
convince yourself that we can make it
fight it, kill it
but you're not done
no, we're never quite done yet

Track Name: Change & Fossils
well I heard you fell asleep on the floor
and we flash like hubris
we're not sixteen anymore
we're all trying to build our own realities
whatever yours is,
I hope you don't forget about me

there's so much darkness inside this city
but I can't see it
when we're hand in hand
and I'm not as young as I used to be
and you're the oldest
that you've ever been

good thing we've got
change and fossils
in the bottoms of our forgotten backpacks
good thing we've got
powers and apostles
to feel good about and to cover our tracks

I wouldn't change it if I knew how

well I heard you had trouble with goodbyes
it helps to bite on your tongue
or stare with unfocused eyes
it's okay to make a change to be alone
but always making sure to recognize
this life as your own

maybe one day we won't stay up all night
and we'll take care of ourselves
just like a good grownup would
but for now we've got the sun to fight
and we don't think about next week
though we probably should

good thing we've got
new tires and mothers
to take us places we'd never have seen
good thing we've got
many homes and each other
to hug away the dentist and to have space to dream